Monday, 11 February 2013

Cadac Safari Chef

Cadac Safari Chef

The Cadac Safari Chef

The lightweight Cadac Safari Chef is the ideal barbeque companion for safari lovers, fishermen, campers, and everyone who loves the outdoors, but have limited space in their vehicles for barbeque equipment.

As the name suggests the Cadac Safari Chef is a piece of equipment designed for multiple cooking options in the field. It operates from gas, is compact in design and exceptionally sturdy, making it perfect for the harsh African bush conditions.

You will have no fewer than five ways to prepare dishes as the Cadac Safari Chef comes with five interchangeable cooking surfaces with components that can be washed in a dishwasher. Sturdy, but attractive it can be carried around to ensure that you always have the cooking facilities you have at home wherever you go. Whether you want to prepare burgers on the grilling surface or make a flame grilled steak you will appreciate its versatile design. From kebabs to potatoes, eggs, water boiling and more can be prepared with this unique barbeque chef system. It has a non-stick flat plate for easy preparation of stir-fry meals and breakfasts for the whole family.

Prepare fat free dinners outdoors and start living healthier. It has been designed to prevent grease run-offs and with non-stick cooking surfaces, you will not have to be concerned about scrubbing afterwards.

The Cadac Safari Chef comes with a EN417 adaptor that allows it to run from both commercial cylinders and small camping canisters. RRP £85.50

Available from for £72 incl vat

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