Thursday, 14 February 2013

Free Veretekk Gold Markeing System for life when you join the Coffee Business


14 Feb 2013




In a bold move, Veretekk entrepreneurs Tom Prendergast and Mike Darling have agreed a deal with billionaire businessman, property developer and philanthropist Ed Mercer to provide a free Veretekk Gold Marketing System.

The offer is open to anyone who join’s Mercer’s 100 Millionaires Club project – a project designed to create 100 new millionaires and seen by Mercer as his legacy.  “I am not a fan of handout.”  Said Mercer in an interview recently. “ I see it more as a hand down!’  People need help to succeed not charity.” But Mercer’s ambitions go beyond the initial 100 Millionaires “The final challenge is already decided – I will want each of my new Millionaires to go on a create 100 new millionaires of their own – and that will be the true value of the legacy I want to leave.”

 In an ‘Apprentice-style’ challenge, the project sets participants the challenge to start and build an Organo Gold coffee business using the power of Veretekk and mentoring from both Mercer and Prendergast.  Mercer’s plan is that the income stream built using Organo Gold then provides the vehicle to move on to bigger and more lucrative challenges.


As a gift to those brave enough to take the challenge, Mercer has licensed Veretekk so each registrant gets a free Veretekk Gold Marketing System for life.  “This is not just for Ed’s challenge” said Prendergast,CEO of Veretekk  “It can be used for any other business too – the only condition is that the participant takes a shot at challenge 1 – building an Organo Gold business; and with the power of Veretekk, this is going to be the fastest growing business the network marketing industry has ever seen.”

 Bold words? – only time will tell, but with an startup cost of just $200 (including $150 of Coffee products), that is less than the cost of just 4 month’s subscription for a Veretekk Gold System!

 To find out more about Mercer’s 100 Millionaires Club challenge go to

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